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Real Estate Industry Trend Over the Next Decade

How safe are real estate agents’ jobs? Think it’s likely they’ll be replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future? A recent Oxford study on artificial intelligence forecasts a 97-99% likelihood that real estate agents’ jobs will be made obsolete by AI (Artificial Intelligence). And not in 30 years, either. Think the next decade. Download this eBook now to see:

  • How the world economy is changing
  • What is sharing economy and how it impacts real estate industry; and
  • What you need to know as a property investor
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General Overview When Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Both residential and commercial properties have a tremendous effect on your net worth, but most people think only of investing in residential properties and rarely about commercial properties. While investing in residential properties is certainly the most viable route for most people, however, commercial property can offer
additional benefits that residential real estate cannot, such as:

  • Commercial real estate gives you more access to more capital
  • Commercial real estate is less competitive
  • Commercial real estate allows for “forced” appreciation
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Review of Trump

Review of Trump’s Property Investing Strategy

You may not like Donald Trump but Donald Trump is really a smart and an astute business man. Donald Trump isn’t afraid of telling everyone how he got rich and some of his strategies can be useful for investors. Donald Trump’s basic principle is to buy low and sell high. No surprise there, but how does he actually do it? Discover some of the strategies by Trump e.g.:

  • Buying below market value
  • Be distinctive and add value
  • The importance of knowing the area
  • and many more
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Property Investment 101

Property Investment 101

Property investment has become increasingly popular in Malaysia. It used to be the necessity to own a property as home. But now it becomes an investment. Property investment concept is straight forward
where you buy the property for profit but the process is much more complicated. Explore this ebook for:

  • The types of real estate investment
  • Why invest in property
  • When to buy property
  • Guidelines – 5 simple steps in property investment
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8 Things to Know Before Renting Out Your Property

8 Things to Know Before Renting Out Your Property

If you are landlord/property owner or even tenant, then you should read this ebook. The ebook focuses on the following:

  • Why is it important to sign tenancy agreement
  • It is crucial to stamp your tenancy agreement
  • Best practices when renting out your property
  • BONUS – 5 tips to photograph your property like a pro
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Strategies in Acquiring Below Market Propertiese FREE eBook

New Strategies in Acquiring Below Market Properties

  • Ultimate Tool For Investment – Options
  • Definition of Lease Option and Benefits Of Using Option Strategies
  • The Keys For Making Option Work and Ways To Leverage Using Lease Option
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GST Impact On Property Investors/ Owners

  • What is GST?

  • How GST has an impact on the property investors?

  • GST Implications on Real Estate Agents & Valuer

  • GST Implications on Financial Institutions

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9 Useful Guides in Property Investment

In this eBook, you’ll find:
  • Why you should not be emotional when it comes to investing
  • What you should do when preparing your budget
  • Where to look for essential information prior to investing
  • How networking relates to property investment
  • BONUS: Property Investment Cheat Sheet
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The Best Property Hotspots to Invest in Malaysia

If you are serious property investors you must get in before the crowd and know where to invest and why it is safe to invest in these areas long term.

  • Where are the hot-spots
  • What are the reasons they become hot spots
  • Why investing based on hot spotting is not true property investment
  • What are the pitfalls in investing based on hot spotting
  • Proven reliable and comprehensive strategies
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AUSTRALIA : A Guide and Reasons to Invest

  • Benefit of Investing in Australia
  • Australia’s foreign ownership laws
  • Property Buying Process
  • Mortgage/ Loan Application
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How to Find Bargain Property Deals in Malaysia

This has been practised in many countries e.g. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands etc. Malaysia is no exception and many have been practising these strategies to find bargain property deals. Most importantly, it is near to ‘crisis proof’ if you deployed your strategies correctly. Watch to know more.

An Exclusive Interview with Vincent Wong

RPC managed to get an exclusive interview with one of the speakers at Property Outlook Conference 2015, Vincent Wong from Wealth Dragons, UK. Vincent has expressed his view on property market in Malaysia. Watch to find out more.

Investment Destination: Australia

David Brown (Rock Realty Associated Director from Australia) sharing his views on Australia’s properties. In the video you will learn the general property market outlook in Brisbane and upcoming attractions & benefits of investing. In addition, this video also highlights the buying process, tax implications and financing.

How Do Lease Options Work Video Series

How Do Lease Options Work (video series)

There are many strategies you can use in your property investment journey. One of them is lease options. This video series shows you how lease options work and teaches you:

  • How to acquire a property
  • How to increase your cash flow in property portfolio
  • How to maximise your rent so that you get paid every single month
  • Make money when you buy
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10 Way to Finance Property Deals

10 Ways to Finance Property Deals (audio)

You just have to be creative when it comes to funding property deals. Nothing is impossible just lack of creativity. In this audio download, you will learn:

  • New ways of financing deals
  • Correct ways to do joint ventures
  • Power of equity release
  • Solving the problems of insufficient funding
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