The Strategies for Investment Survival

The ideal investment is one way for investors to fight the fight – or maybe even opt-out of the fight and leave the arena if things do not look favourable.

Another way is to use market-timing strategies to shift capital quickly into rising trends and out of falling trends – which is the essence of successful investing.

Would a general go into war without the best strategies and weapons to win the fight? Not in a million years.

In addition to real estate timing, you need to have the fundamentals skills and knowledge about the best weapons or strategies to help you win.

An investor in today’s world is “forced” to invest in one or all of the financial markets, a gladiatorial arena of constantly shifting winners and losers. If you have capital to protect – or you want to increase it – you have no choice but to join the fight, or else be a battered victim.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Three of the attributes that separate warriors from a novice is that they are highly ambitious, driven to be the best that they can be, and they are willing to ferociously fight for everything they want. They enter the investment arena with the necessary skills and preparation so they can prevail through both good and bad markets — through up-cycles and down-cycles.   And by changing their positions when the trends change, these investment warriors are doing everything humanly possible to win and not lose. To do this you need to know the time in the market. Click here to learn more.

It’s my view that today’s Malaysian economy is sitting on highly unstable ground with the inflationary force, currency crisis and unfavourable economic and political situations — there is a danger that the economy could slip further.

In the Strategies for Investment Survival, what investors need to know is that they need to be nimble and be prepared for those outcomes — because either one or a combination is possible.

Strategies for Investment Survival

As a financial warrior, it’s my view that what’s happening right now is one of the most exciting economic battle. And when it’s over, the people that have paid attention to the trends and have positioned themselves correctly are going to be financially rewarded as well as anyone can be rewarded.

If you are able as all warriors do — which is to be nimble and correctly adjust to changing market conditions – you are poised to win.

Of course, any prediction with respect to timing could probably be wrong. But unlike earthquake predictions, at least we have historical data we can follow that has been used for over hundreds of years in other matured countries and it has been proven to work.

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HongThang have been actively involved in the real estate and property development industry. After completing her tertiary education locally in University Malaya, and her second degree in Louisiana State University in the USA, she have been working in 7 different public listed companies in property development. Her work experience spans all areas of the business, from pre-development stage in land sourcing, feasibility studies, project work processes, sales administration, marketing and project management. In her personal capacity, she is also an avid property investor, having made several profitable investments through the years. Her investments have reaped returns from minimum of 25% up to 400% in capital appreciation.

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