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John Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons Ltd, UK. John started investing in property in his early 20s. By the time he was 27, John had achieved his goal of becoming a self-made millionaire. His experiences inspired him to share his knowledge with others and he was soon teaching seminars in property investment throughout the UK and now in Asia.

John subsequently gained an international reputation as a motivational speaker and has shared stages with Bill Clinton (ex-president of United States), Lord Alan Sugar (billionaire & founder of Amstrad), Jack Welch (ex-CEO of General Electric), Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) and Randi Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).

John helped several of his students build highly successful businesses and achieve wealth through property investment. He is also the author of the book: ‘A Step by Step Guide to Lease Options– No Mortgage, No Deposit, No Problem’.


John Lee



You’ll learn, step-by-step guide on:

  • The 9-step pre-completion process

  • The 7-step flipping process

  • The 8-step completion process

  • BMV step-by-step

  • Lease option step-by-step

  • Various case studies

  • Deal packaging in practice

  • How to raise private funds

  • Communication process part 1 and 2

  • How to get leads using various marketing tools

  • Assignments

MOST IMPORTANTLY – all the contracts of lease option, rent to buy and many others


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It is definitely something new in Malaysia. Been in the industry for many years but didn’t really know until now.
Marcus Lim, Real Estate Agent
It really guides me step by step on how to get deals and to create win-win situation for both sellers and buyers
Stephanie Yong, Homestay Owner
I am seasoned for many many years and getting to know more investing strategies is a norm to me. But overall, I think this is something that will work depending on the market. In terms of acquiring properties, I personally think this could be one of the best.
Bernard, Seasoned Investor
We were never thought in school on how to create wealth. My friend recommended this to me and it is quite easy to implement these steps. We will work together as a team and get our first property.
Aaron Wong, Finance Graduate
I’m doing this part-time and it is my passive income. I’ll get very good deals every now and then. Getting profit from 1 or 2 deals a month is certainly not bad.
Adeline, F&B Manager
Being an investor myself, I tend to play around with my tools available to me. Lease option works very well in some scenarios. And sometimes, other strategies work better. The key to success is to know as many tools as possible and when the time is right, deploy using the right tool.
Rizal, Investor

Most people trade all of their time for a limited about of money. How would you like to reverse that, so that the more money you make, the more time you can “buy back”.

You cannot build a secure financial base on a salary alone. You must create acquire assets and build a business that brings you a passive income.


Online Resources
Here you will find a wealth of information online resources from property tools such as letter templates and deal calculator to the live recordings of calls made to motivated sellers which are used in conjunction with the live coaching transcripts. There are also training calls with both staff and students in deal closing and handling objections

Life Coaching
You will see transcripts of real-life recordings of deals between Wealth Dragons’ deal closer team with motivated sellers.

Contract Pack
This pack contains the essentials legal documents for you to do property deals in Malaysia, including lease options and rent-to-buy contracts.


For more info about Ultimate Property Training call Stephy at 012-643 4788 or fill up the form and we will contact you.

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